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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  July 19, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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good morning to you, i'm peter alexander in again today for my friend, willie geist this is "way too early," the show that brought a few extra undershirts for the crew today, i'm just saying, it's a hot one. glad you're up with us this morning, listening live on sirius xm radio. shoot me an email or tweet me, just to let me know why you're awake right now. you can do what any member of the murdoch family does, text the word awake by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes are going to be your cram session for this tuesday, july 19th. there's a lot going on today. including the undocking of "atlantis" from the international space station. as the shuttle prepares to head home for the final time. plus either this woman hired the worst wedding photographer in the world or these ain't wedding photos, they may be
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booking photographs, folks, we'll break down what happened to put this bride behind bars. first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. we begin with developments surrounding the scandal threadening rupert murdoch's media empire as the mogul and his son prepare to appear before parliament today. police have arrested 11 people since this hacking and bribery allegation scandal emerged, including the former ceo of murdoch's news international group, that's her, rebekah brooks. and in another new twist for the story, a former "news of the world" reporter and the scandal's first named whistleblower was found dead yesterday. there is an ongoing investigation, but police say the death is quote -- not suspicious. for the latest on this investigation, and a preview of today's testimony, jim maceda is joining us live now from london. jim, thanks for your time. i want to get off the bat to what the "new york times" is reporting today, that aides
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close to the murdoch family spent years and millions of dollars, the "times" reports, covering up wrongdoing at "news of the world." what more do we know about this? >> well, i think most importantly what the question that people are asking here, and especially back in the states now is how will all of these revelations that are coming out by the hour, affect rupert murdoch himself. and the answer to that has a lot to do with how he responds here today. talking to these ten parliamentarians, he's only got an hour with his brother to answer, try to answer all of these questions. as one politician here put it, peter, these are the three musketeers of the murdoch media empire and the phone-hacking scandal. they're going to be grilled, he's going to be very contrite. but we know that rupert murdoch just hates this kind of situation. and he may, just may say things that he will regret later. and the whole empire seems to be
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teetering on the edge right now. we even have reports yesterday that some members of the board of news corp. are looking at replacing him. i'm not sure how they can do that. but the very fact that that's come up is absolutely an astounding reversal for a man who was receiptly citizen cane. >> news reports, coo, to succeed rupert murdoch. are we hearing anything from news corp. about chase carey? >> we're hearing from the, independent board members, independent directors they're called of news corp., making a statement today, very brief statement saying that they fully back rupert murdoch. so backing off from those reports. but you know, peter, so many, especially the biographers of rupert murdoch, those who know him well, are saying the name, the family, the brand, is just
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too tainted now. it's irreparable. >> one final thought, "the guardian" newspaper where you are is also reporting as we've been scanning the wires, that british police found a bag of trash near rebekah brooks' home that i think it reported contained a computer, a phone, and paperwork. do we know anything more about that? as the woman who first resigned, and then was arrested, has obviously been sort of at the epicenter of all this. >> we don't have anything more on the finding there. you know, this is not her first time before this committee, either. she came in 2003, when she was in charge of "news of the world" as the editor of "news of the world." it's at that point where she actually came out and said that they routinely pay police for information. she backed off of that immediately and corrected herself. but that's one of the questions that's no doubt going to come up today. in terms of trash, i'm sure that
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somebody like john yates, john yates today, who resigned yesterday, the assistant commissioner, hadn't called those 11 bags of information, that had been collected, trash at the time. he called it also, i might add, a crap decision. his words, not mine. on not pursuing, not reopening the case back in 2009. and again under great public pressure, and media pressure, he resigned over the weekend. >> well we know you would never use that kind of language, glad they're his words, not yours, an historic day that rupert murdoch's aides hoped would never come. thanks so much. as the scandal of news corp. grows, s&p 500 said it may cut the company's credit rating, citing business and reputation risks. the agency's warning comes as news corp.'s stock drops to a six-month low, for more on the fullout of rupert murdoch's media empire.
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we'll check on business with cnbc's steve sedgewick who is in london right now. >> nice to see you, cite incredible. s&p put the pressure on, as if there wasn't enough pressure on rupert murdoch. the moment they've got a triple b-plus rating, it's gone into negative watch. it could be very costly to people who hold murdoch paper. they might have to entice shareholders back in and that carries financial risks as well. reputational risks on both sides of the atlantic. legal processes in the uk and potential lawmakers getting more interested in the company in the u.s. ramping up the pressure, according to s&p. >> steve sedgewick helping us out for cnbc. thanks so much. now with the deadline to reach a deficit deal now exactly two weeks away, the rhetoric as you've witnessed heating up as lawmakers scramble to try to strike a deal. the house is expected to vote today on what it calls the cut, cap and balance plan.
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that's the republican-backed legislation that includes a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. it's a measure that the white house has warned that president obama would veto and yesterday press secretary jay carney outlined the obama administration's exact objections. >> what we are witnessing here with this measure is classic washington posturing, kabuki theater. this is a measure that is designed to duck, dodge, dismantle. duck responsibility, dodge obligations and dismantle, it would require the dismantlement of our social safety net, social security, medicare and medicaid. >> that's a talking point. the house plan is an alternative to a senate compromise offered by minority leader, mitch mcconnell, one that some house conservatives are urging their own leadership to reject. and the frustration is spilling out on to the senate floor where
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mcconnell and his democratic counterpart harry reid stressed the importance of making a decision soon. >> i ask what will it take for my republican colleagues to wake up and see that they're playing a game of chicken with the entire global economy. >> this is a pivotal week for america. two years of reckless spending have brought us to the brink of financial crisis. >> not all pessimism. in an interview with the white house, legendary investor warren buffett expressing some optimism that a deal can be made despite the standoff. >> we cannot go to august 2nd and tell the rest of the world because we're having this little fight in 0 our sandbox back here that we're going to essentially default on obligations of the united states for the first time in our history. that's a level of immaturity that i don't believe this
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congress is up to. so i, it will happen. we'll get something and in the end, we have to get something. but why not aim high rather than aim low? >> but americans are decidedly more pessimistic about the way washington is handling the crisis. according to a new "u.s.a. today"/gallup poll. nearly half say that the president obama and the current congress are doing a worse job than previous leaders in solving the nation's problems. nearly four in ten say their performance is the worst they have seen in their lifetimes. president obama officially naming former ohio attorney general, richard cordurey as his nominee to headed consumer protection bureau. the announcement comes after the president bypassed harvard law professor, elizabeth warren, who is the one credited with laying the groundwork for the agency. warren is now indicating that she may be considering a senate bid against massachusetts freshman senator, scott brown.
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appearing right here on msnbc's andrea mitchell reports yesterday, warren said she will think about running once she returns home. >> i've been working 14 hours a day on trying to stand this consumer agency up really for more than a year now. and it's been wonderful work. but it has been all-absorbing work. massachusetts does beckon in the sense that it's my home and i need to go home. and when i go home, i'll do more thinking then. but i need to do that thinking not from washington. i need to go home. >> if she decides to run, elizabeth warren and brown would face off in what could be one of 2012's most-watched senatorial races. new pictures from space shuttle "atlantis," it undocked from the international space station for the final time this morning. "atlantis" crew members are going through their last inspections of the shuttle's heat shield ahead of their scheduled return to earth. the journey home will end the 30-year run of nasa's shuttle
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program. history will happen live here as we have coverage of "atlantis'" final landing. live here on "way too early." still ahead, the strangest penalty kick that you'll ever see, the usa women's world cup team could learn a thing or two from this guy. you so he that? the quick flip around. baseball highlights ahead as we toss it around the diamond. plus this is what happens when you -- i think we can say it at 5:30 in the morning, when you piss mother nature with your chevy suburban and your aerosol cans. i'm just saying, all right? be good to your world. after his five months in a prison camp, rose will stay another three months in a halfway house and spend a year in community service.
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too early to be live, look at gorgeous shot outside, the sun coming up. it be another scorcher, it felt like it last night. you open the windows, it's too hot. you turn the ac on, you can't afford it. speaking of ugly in arizona did you see the dust storm? we had another one -- >> not dust storm, haboob. >> it's called haboob? can we say that on tv? it was moving in, this thing was massive. it happened again in phoenix overnight. he mean this is the stuff where you bring your ski mask out, folks. they just paid however many bucks to clean their car
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windows. that's nbc's bill karins with me. if you want to talk about boobs this early, it's your business, he just work here. >> we talked about it two weeks ago. we had this conversation, youy overseas playing. yes, official term is haboob. you can google it. just make sure you don't do it at work. let's talk about this heat wave. good morning, everyone. yesterday we had a heat index near 130 in areas of iowa. that's some serious business. once again, the warnings are all through the middle of the country, about 20 different states are under some kind of heat advisory or warning at this time. the east coast, get ready, it's heading your way, thursday it starts, friday is the peak and it will last into saturday. right now it feels like 92 in minneapolis as you walk out the door and 84 in d.c. it's a hot, warm morning and the humidity levels will be high. in d.c., the 100-degree heat will be in the middle of the
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country. there's no cool air, but if there's one spot that will get away with it, it will be new england, the humidity levels have dropped. look at this, peter, in philadelphia we'll be near 100, thursday, friday, and saturday. and in washington, d.c., we have a good shot at hitting 100, three or four days in a row. with the high humidity, it gets a little dangerous. >> it's just fitting that you say haboob and barnacle pokes his hid out of the paper. the u.s. women's soccer team back on america soil. arriving yesterday in new york city, the starting goalie, hope solo said she's still a little bit stunned. >> i was okay with their story book ending because i know that they're fighting for so many more other reasons than the game itself. but a day later i look back and say, so close, but so far away, we tasted victory and somehow we let it go. >> the game drew the
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second-highest ratings ever for a women's soccer match on american television. the end of the match set get this, a global twitter record, more than 7,000 tweets every second. that eclipsed the royal wedding and news of osama bin laden's death. but will and kate can't kick a soccer ball, anywayhow. yankees versus rays, the yanks down a run, bases jacked. eduardo nunez, grounds into a possible double play. the game was tied 4-4. two outs in the ninth, yankees bases loaded. full count to russell martin draws the rbi walk. no better way to do it. curtis granderson scores the go-ahead run. yankees win it 5-4. the bo sox and o's went 16 innings scoring a single run. they were yawning in the seats. last night the bats came alive. game tied 7-7 in the eighth. dustin pedroia breaks it open,
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three runs would clear. bases loaded again now, same inning, carl crawford singles to right. 12-7 there. 25 runs in total scored in this one. the red sox would win the game, 15-10. a quick look at the a.l. east, boston on top by a game and a half over new york. don't look but here come the pittsburgh pirates, last night taking on their nl central rivals, the cincinnati reds, pirates infielders, flashing some leather. miguel cairo hits a grounder. it will go to short. watch chase d 'arnaut. great stop. good pick-up, tight call, they'll give it to him. the ball got there ahead of the slide. the pirates beat the reds by a score of 2-. here's your nl central standings, your pittsburgh pirates as a diehard cub fan,
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hard to watch that happen. a game up on the cards and the brew crew. pittsburgh -- enjoy it while it lasts. football season not far away. finally, the u.s. women's soccer team didn't lose on a penalty kick like this, the overseas, uae with a big lead late in the game, deciding to rub it in against their opponents from lebanon. you know what they do when somebody does this? the penalty takes, the player takes the kick with the back of his heel and scores. i wouldn't be walking home alone tonight sports fans, that guy's going to get beat. unbelievable. it's a good shot. the goalie is thinking, what the heck is he doing to me. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama laying down a veto threat on the only republican budget plan in the house. the question would be -- can he the american economy survive the american political system. we discuss that with joe, mika and our all-star panel. and we'll huddle around this water cooler was cuffed, dragged to prison on her wedding day.
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couldn't the police at least have waited until the honeymoon?
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book back live today on "way too early." when you we speak about the debt limit these days, it's a term
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that a lot of people outside washington may not have heard until recently. the concept is one that has roots in a major event in american history. if you want to sound smart today. tell your friends the nation's first debt limit of $11.5 billion was passed in 1917 to help finance u.s. efforts during world war i. congress has raised the debt limit several times since then, ten times in the past decade. see if you can do it with your american express card. we want to gather around the water cooler to talk about the mindless trivia we know you crave. yesterday at the white house rose garden, president obama tapped richard cordray to run the new consumer protection bureau. the president tried to lighten the mood with a little stand-up comedy. and let's just say this wasn't his best get. >> now, last, but not least, back in the '80s, richard was
2:55 am
also a five-time "jeopardy" champion and a semifinalist in the tournament of champions, all of the answers at his confirmation hearings will be in the form of a question. that's a joke. >> rough crowd right there. can we roll it up one more time? i want to make sure what the punch line was? >> now last, but not least, back in the '80s, rich was also a five-time "jeopardy" champion. and a semifinalist in the tournament of champions. not too shabby. that's why all his confirmation, all his answers at his confirmation hearings will be in the form of a question. [ crickets ] >> that's a joke. >> sorry, i had to go deep in the archive for the crickets there. no free pass here right now. we want to move on to this, we show you briefly earlier. nothing like celebrating your wedding night -- in jail. that's what happened to this
2:56 am
poor michigan woman, arrested for identity theft. immediately following her wedding ceremony. there's your mug shot. not just a bad wedding camera person. the bride, tammy lee hinton was released on $5,000 bail. she kept the bride looking like she does with the white gown, the white pearls and the veil all in place for the mug shot. they say for good or bad, they didn't think they would test it on day one. your jilted texts, tweets, emails are all next. "morning joe" just moments away. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. back live on "way too early," the top story on by the way, u.s. officials meeting with moammar gadhafi envoys and they're urging the libyan leader to go. but check this, what's up with number three right there? child apparently found home alone with 19 snakes. go online to find out more about that story. top of the show, we ask why were you awake? producer rob gifford with some of your answers. >> there's a theme here with the heat and some


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